• ​The City of Adel maintains its own water and sewer treatment plants, making it possible to remain competitive in utility rates.
  • Click here to find garbage and recycling information. 
  • Electricity and natural gas are provided by MidAmerican



  • Gas and electric services are provided by MidAmerican Energy for Altoona residents.
  • Water, sewer and waste services are provided by the City of Altoona (515) 967-5136).
  • Click here for additional resources for Altoona residents.



  • Water, sewer and electricity services are provided by Ankeny Municipal Utilities (515) 963-3565.
  • MidAmerican Energy and Black Hills Energy are the two natural gas suppliers in Ankeny. Click here
  • Garbage (515) 964-5229) collect is individually contracted.  to set up residential trash collection. For residential garbage haulers in Ankeny Click here.
  • TV and Internet Click here.
  • Click here for additional utility information and a new resident guide.







  • MidAmerican Energy provides electric services for Colfax residents.
  • Water, sewer and garbage collection services are provided through Colfax City Hall. For more information, click here. ​



  • MidAmerican Energy provides natural gas and electric services for Cumming residents.
  • Des Moines Water Works provides water and sewer services for Cumming residents.
  • The City of Cumming provides Waste Collection Services.  Contact City Hall at (515) 981-9214 with any questions.  Or follow this link that talks about the garbage schedule. 
  • Click here for additional services and important contact information for City of Cumming residence.


Dallas Center

  • To obtain water, sewer and garbage collection services stop in City Hall at 1502 Walnut, or call (515) 992-3725.  
  • For additional details on these services click here.  ​


Des Moines





  • IMU for electric (go to Indianola City Hall (515) 961-9410) to set up Electric/Water/Sewer/Recycling)
  • MidAmerican Energy for Gas​ - Garbage is choosing your own provider (BFI, Waste Management, Weigert, etc)
  • Rural Water services  are provided by Warren Water (515) 962-1200) and Xenia Rural Water (515) 676-2117).





  • Electric services are provided by MidAmerican Energy.
  • Natural Gas Services are provided by Alliant Energy (800) 255-4268).
  • Water and sewer services are provided by Knoxville Water Works (641) 828-0557.
  • Waste services are provided by several different collection providers.  Click here to go to City of Knoxville, Iowa link.



  • MidAmerican Energy (888) 427-5632 provides natural gas and electric services for Milo residents.
  • Water, sewer, recycling and garbage services​ are provided by the City of Milo (641) 942-6241​.





  • Gas and electric services are provided by MidAmerican Energy (888) 427-5632.
  • Water Services are provided by City of Norwalk (515) 981-0228 ** New Residents to the city need to sign an application form for water service and return it to the City Hall. 
  • Click hereto learn more about the City of Norwalk.


Pleasant Hill



  • Urbandale Water provides water, sewer and solid waste services for the City of Urbandale (515) 278-3940.
  • Natural gas and electric services for Urbandale residents are provided by MidAmerican Energy.
  • For additional contact information regarding emergency situations, animal control, and code enforcement, click here.



  • The City of Waukee (515-987-4522/515-978-5502) provides gaswatersewerand garbage Waste Management (515) 265-5267 services for Waukee residents.
  • MidAmerican Energy provides electricity for Waukee.
  • Click here to learn more about other service providers in the Waukee area.


West Des Moines

  • Water, sewer, and solid waste services are provided by West Des Moines Water Works (515) 222-3460.
  • MidAmerican Energy provides natural gas and electric services for the City of West Des Moines.
  • For more information about telephone, the Internet, television and other services, visit the West Des Moines New Resident Guide.


Windsor Heights

MidAmerican Energy provides electric and gas services for Windsor Heights.



  • Water and sewer services are provided by the city of Winterset (515) 426-4122.
  • Gas and electric services are also provided by Winterset and can be arranged by calling City Hall (515) 462-1422.